Saturday, June 21, 2014

SciFi Romance Brigade Midsummer Blog Hop
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For my stop on the blog hop, I thought I'd give you an excerpt from A Titan for Christmas. Jenna, my main character is on her way to the long-distance-travel terminal and glances up at Titan's sky

Jenna sped toward the docks in her TEP personal craft. The TEP employees liked to call them Penguins – partly because of their black and white color scheme, but mostly because the short-winged craft wouldn't have been able to fly in the thinner Earth atmosphere either.

The entire top half of the Penguin consisted of a clear fiberglass bubble, allowing for full visibility all around and above. Jenna leaned back in her chair and gazed up into Titan's dim, fuzzy sky.

How many times had she stared up at this same sky and marveled at the view? How many more times would it take before it got old? She hoped she would never know the answer to that question. The gentle gold of Saturn's surface was ever present like a muted eternal sun. The rings, with shades varied from the same gold of the planet's to a brown so dark it might've been black, swept across the planet's fluid surface.

The apartment buildings flying by caught her attention and she watched them. Light shone from fewer windows than usual, but some of them featured sparkling colored lights, small artificial Christmas trees – she even spotted a menorah in one window.

The sudden darkness of the entry tunnel to the docks shook Jenna from her reverie.

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  1. Fun excerpt! Sounds like a great book.

  2. Nice description--easy to read, and it made me sense what Jenna was seeing and feeling.

  3. Wishing you the best for the hop!

  4. I love how you place the time of year with the decorations flashing by.

  5. I like the tech! I could picture the spacecraft. Very cool. I added your book to my wishlist.

    doxisrcool at

  6. Loved the excerpt!

  7. Loved seeing things through Jenna's eyes!

  8. Wonderful excerpt witha great POV. Thank you so much for sharing and participating in the hop!

  9. Loved your description of Saturn - very visual.

  10. Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed this excerpt :)