Friday, March 28, 2014

Once Upon a Darkness and Entranced Publishing

Friends & readers:

You may have picked up that something was going on with me this past week and you were right. You should definitely read the entire story at the Writer Beware blog, as it's an absolutely crazy tale (deceit, lies, possible fake people, staggering unprofessionalism).

The short of it is: Entranced has closed its doors and the rights for Once Upon a Darkness have been returned to me.

What  does that mean for me?

I will be self-publishing Once Upon a Darkness on my own with a new cover (many reasons for this, contact me if you'd like to hear them). Please don't buy the current version (mine have not yet been removed from sale).

But here's the best news...

I will also be writing and self-publishing two sequels to OUaD!

I've wanted to write them for a while and readers have been asking for a sequel - but I didn't want to work with Ashley again, so I decided to hold off. Now, I get to make this a reality!

So stay tuned for those announcements - it will be later this year. For now, I'm focusing on the release of the fantastic One Lucky Night collaboration.

EDITED TO ADD:  A lot of people like to point to a situation like this and use it as evidence that small presses are a bad publishing decision. Even after this experience, I don't believe that. It's like pointing to Jeffrey Dahmer and saying all people named Jeffrey are serial murderers. There are a lot of fantastic small presses: Don't let a few bad ones taint your opinion.

Other people will try to blame the authors, saying we should have done more research. Trust me when I say, I did my research and I was okay going with a small, new press. I'm not naive and I'm not stupid and I wasn't desperate. None of the former Entranced authors are. It was the path we chose and we accepted the associated risks. Now I'm accepting the fallout and moving on.

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  1. I'm so sorry about this, Aria! I loved editing UOaD :) Can't wait to read the sequels!