A Titan for Christmas

A Titan for Christmas, A Sci-Fi Romance Novelette

When Jenna's job as an engineer makes her miss her flight home from the mining colony on Titan, she's heartbroken she won't be able to make it back to Earth in time for Christmas with her family. Until a coworker gives her another option: private cargo pilots sometimes take on passengers.

Grayson pilots the only ship leaving Titan in time to make it back to Earth before Christmas. He doesn't want any passengers, but Jenna convinces him to take her on the three-day trip. Neither of them had planned for the passion that erupts between the two on the tiny cargo ship.

Then Jenna realizes Grayson is transporting extremely dangerous cargo. When she discovers why a man like Grayson would take such a risk, she has to decide whether she'll turn him in or help him.

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"a fun, quick read ... I look forward to reading more from Aria Kane!" Sift Book Reviews, 5 stars

"I enjoyed the escape into their lives and I found the ending extremely satisfying." BigAl's Books and Pals, 5 stars

"The sparks are flying in the tiny little cargo ship! I would definitely recommend this anytime you need to sink into a quick romance! My only complaint? I need more :)" Reviewing in Chaos

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