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Excerpt: ECHOES by Amy Evans @aammyyss #giveaway

Echoes are the sounds the universe makes when you ignore it the first time.

Instead of signs, they are sirens. Echoes are louder and more dangerous than Clicks.

All the twins on Pinhold Island are healthy again, but the summer is still upside down. Cami's been paying better attention to what hides beneath the surface on her seemingly idyllic home, trying to make sense of the new threats to her friends and family. Massive storms have come to Pinhold, flooding the Island in a way not seen in generations. They leave behind destruction and the Red Tide, which lends the Island an eerie glow, makes the air itch and people's eyes burn. Through it all, Cami and Blake are working hard to repair their relationship, Mica is attempting to trust the grown ups on island, Shay is worried she'll never swim again and everyone is tying to re-focus on the Surf Carnival and training for The Guard.

But the threats to Pinhold from the sky don't compare to the danger that still hides beneath the waves. Can Cami and The Guard find the cause in time to reset the pin, or will they suffer damages that can never be reversed?



Watching Mica playing the guitar,  an uninvited thought popped into my head.   I wished I had gotten a chance to see Kaleb play when he had been here. Just when I’d finally gotten used to him, he’d disappeared again.  I knew he’d had a few concerts booked, it was much less tense between me and Blake now that he had left.  But still. I would have loved to see him here. He used to like the drum circles, and he was a strong current in them, playing guitar and drums equally well.

I shooed away the thought before it lingered long enough to send a signal out, but I could feel Blake clicking into my head, like he had a Google search set up to ping him when Kaleb entered my brain. Maybe he did, or maybe the way I couldn’t get his brother out of my mind echoed between us in a way that would wreck things if I didn’t get myself under control.

I didn’t want Kaleb the way I wanted Blake, not even a little bit. But there was a history of a friendship with Kaleb, an appreciation for him that I’d blocked out these past three years and I had it back now. I was tired of living with anger, and I wanted Blake to forgive him too. As far as I was concerned, he’d earned some respect and gratitude from all of us.  As much as I couldn’t have learned everything about the dolphins and our DNA without Blake, I knew that without Kaleb, I wouldn’t have put all the different pieces together to figure out how to solve the problem and wake everybody up.

I needed them both for different things, but Blake didn’t understand that at all. Even these little thoughts caused a silent rage to simmer below his beautifully calm exterior.  He put every bit of frustration into his drum playing, moving faster and faster, hitting the animal skin with intensity he imagined using on Kaleb’s head.  It should have scared me to see these kinds of twisted thoughts in Blake’s brain, but it didn’t.

I began to mimic his rhythm on the drum in my hand. I wasn’t very good at playing at this speed but seeing into Blake’s brain helped me. I caught his thoughts before thoughts, sounds before sounds. I knew when he intended to move and strike, and so I acted before I could think, and got the sounds out at exactly the same time.  We played in tandem, and his jealousy rubbed off on me in a very random way: I felt jealous of the instrument.

I knew the way his hands would feel if they stroked those patterns over and over again into my skin. And I wanted them on me. 

About the Author

Amy Evans is a storyteller, wife, and mother with a life-long obsession with the ocean. She has been writing books since kindergarden  and published her first novel, Clicks, in 2013. Since then, her young adult and new adult stories prove that while facts may change minds, fiction changes hearts. She cherishes storytelling as a sacred art and believes that all the best stories are told with kisses, and that sharing wishes will make them come true.

Amy is a pioneer in the genre of EcoLit—a blend of sci-fi, fantasy, and the paranormal driven with an undercurrent of environmental awareness.

When she’s not chatting with the characters who live in her head, she can be found interviewing New Adult authors and  hosting #NAlitChat on Twitter and Google hangouts, and in the fall she will be joining #YAPodcast as well. Come and talk to her online:

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