Wednesday, May 8, 2013

BTSeMag - May Issue

If you weren't yet aware, Book & Trailer Showcase has an awesome online magazine.

In this issue:

New York Times bestselling author Angela Knight presents Unbound.  Take a peek inside this sizzling new wrap up to her phenomenal sci-fi fantasy adventure series.  This book also includes 3 new authors with stories aimed to fill that before bedtime reading attack.

Authors also featured inside:
  • Sandra Bunino
  • Jane Toombs
  • Lynn Hardy
  • Nora Weston
  • Jennifer Synder
  • Seraphina Donavan...and more

  • Read all about the newest book trends with Sandra's column:  Chic Trends in Romance
  • Answer all those techy questions with Lynn's Writing Types.
  • Discover Movie Flashbacks, the latest on the horror scene, and authors can see if their sites measure up!!

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